Thursday, April 29, 2010

Please Go Away Hoe

This crazy fucking hoe is on here claiming she just fucked one of our favorite rappers showing a Black Wall Street chain. First she makes it seem like she is fucking The Game but it turns out she fucked some other nigga on B.W.S.. Some nigga most people out of L.A. dont know so i dont know how he is your favorite rapper lol in the middle of the video she starts talking shit on Jay Rock, So After this video came out Jay Rock hit his twitter and said that this video is staged and this nigga is not even sleeping and that she got paid to say that shit about him which is whack if its true! Fuck this bitch Kat Stacks since when has it been cool to be a fucking hoe, her voice just gets on my nerves..... well peep and you tell me if its staged

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