Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lakers inquire about Devin Harris

So I've heard a couple rumors today about the lakers and supposedly ESPN's Ric Bucher has reported that Mitch Kupchak has Inquired About Devin Harris. Devin Harris plays for the New Jersey Nets which is worst then the clippers this year which is pretty sad. They are one of those teams that are hoping Lebron comes to them in this big free agency year. To get Devin we would probably have to give up Adam Morrison who is in the last year of his contract and is owed $5,257,228 and Jordon Farmar who is owed $1,947,240 or Shannon Brown which allot of people in L.A. don't wanna do including me! Giving up both of those players would be enough to make way for Devin Harris and his $8,400,000 that is owed to his this year. And lets be honest with each other if we had Devin Harris running the lakers point guarding duties they would pretty much unbeatable the point guard is the lakers on weakness and i think Mitch Kupchak knows that

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