Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Darrelle Revis The New Prime Time

This whole year their has only been two corners in the league that can be called a "Lockdown" corner one is veteran cornerback from the Green Bay Packers Charles Woodson and the other is Darrelle Revis. Charles Woodson had A better statistical year and thats why he won defensive player of the year. but Revis is arguably the best corner in the league. This past year he pretty much shut down the other teams best receiver in the games they played in. This season he went up against pretty much the best receivers in the game today and pretty much shut them down just like another corner that was called a "lockdown" corner and his name was prime time his name was prime time because he was always on! Quarterbacks when they faced Deion Sanders wouldn't even throw to his side of the field and this year that is what Revis has accomplished. When his team the jets faced the Houston Texans he shut what most people think is the best wide receiver and Pro-bowler Andre Johnson to four receptions for 35 yards. The next week they faced Tom Brady and the Patriots in that game he faced Pro-bowl receiver, Randy Moss, and limited him to four receptions and 24 yards. Week 3 the jets easily best the Titans. but in week 4 his team and him got beat easily by the saints and their pass happy offense. Week 5 seen them get defeated by the Miami Dolphins and seen Revis get embarrassed and beaten by wide receiver Ted Ginn, Jr. for a 53-yard touchdown reception on Monday Night Football. The next week they were defeated by the bills but Revis had a great game shutting down Buffalo Bills wide receiver Terrell Owens to three receptions for 13 yards. I can go on explaining the whole season and I would continue to be saying the same thing Darrelle Revis going up against the best wide receivers in the NFL and the same outcome would result in Revis completely shutting him down! He is having a great year and his team is going to be in the AFC championship game against arguably the best Quarterback of all time Peyton Manning which should be an entertaining game of great offense against great defense and me personally hope the defense wins out!

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