Friday, January 22, 2010

“an anti-rape female condom invented by sonette ehlers, a south african woman working as a blood technician with the south african blood transfusion service, during which time she met and treated many rape victims.

the device, known as ‘the rape-axe’, is a latex sheath embedded with shafts of sharp, inward-facing microscopic barbs that would be worn by a woman in her vagina like a tampon. if an attacker were to attempt vaginal rape, their penis would enter the latex sheath and be snagged by the barbs, causing the attacker pain during withdrawal and (ideally) giving the victim time to escape. the condom would remain attached to the attacker’s body when he withdrew and could only be removed surgically, which would alert hospital staff and police. this device could assist in the identification and prosecution of rapists"

Dam thats raw right there lol remember guys no means no but most of the time no means she wants you to eat her out first lol

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