Sunday, December 27, 2009

Kobe VS Lebron

So im really tired of hearing this argument actually it shouldn't even be an argument. This is the first time I think ever i actually agree with skip bayless. Lebron James is an excellent player a real good one but he is not the best in the league... yet. He doesn't have that killer instinct or the shooting ability that Kobe Bryant has and shows every night, and its kinda funny how Kobe Bryant this year has a broken finger and his shooting percentage is just a little below James's. I am not hating on Lebron or saying his a bad player but he doesn't have the work ethic as Kobe and doesn't nearly have half the Basketball IQ he has. Dont you think its funny how after he spent a couple summers working out and practicing with Kobe for the USA Olympic team he becomes a better player I certainly do. Everybody on that team knew who the team leader was and it was Kobe, everybody knew who to get the ball to when they needed a shot and one game it had to come down to that and Kobe got the ball and sunk a jumper and put that game away! Not lebron not carmelo It was Kobe. I know I've posted to many blog entries on this topic but just because the cavs beat the lakers one game it doesn't mean the other player is a better player.
it means the lakers had a horrible game and andrew bynums bitch ass didnt even bother to get out of bed! Kobe Bryant is still the best player in the NBA and he will be until Lebron actually gets to the finals and wins it, then we can reevaluate this argument again but until that time comes shut the fuck up!!!!

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