Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Years To Everyone Thats Not Here R.I.P.

2009 was a crazy year lost allot of good people and I will never forget them. Lost a couple good friends, family members and seen a allot of celebrities lose there life to. well this post is for them. First I wanna say rest in paradise to my best friend Christopher "Pyro" Richards you were my Brother your gonna be deeply missed. Marisol i remember texting you everyday and the time we had together. The Homie Nick when they told me you past i couldn't believe it I just hope your lady and your soon to be child are alright in the future and im never gonna forget what you did for pyro when he past. My grandpa sonny also past my first memory of you is you bringing me a bike out of no where lol hahaha and im gonna miss you! those were some of the deaths that impacting me this year and heres a shot out to everyone else who past away this year and may they rest in paradise
Andre Young Jr (Dr. Dre's son dies of accidental overdose)

Corey Smith of the Detroit Lions, Marquis Cooper of the Oakland Raiders, and William Bleakley, a former Florida college football player (parished when their fishing boat overturned off the coast of Florida)

Dolla (Gunned Down at the Beverly Center in L.A.)

Exodus Tyson (Mike tyson's daughter died in a freak accident with a treadmill)

Steven McNair (Killed in a murder suicide by his girlfriend)

Arturo Gatti (Canadian boxer was killed by his wife in brazil)

Vernon Forrest (Boxer killed in a robbery in atlanta)

DJ AM (accidental drug overdose)

Roc Raida (X-Ecutioners member died from complications from a spinal injury)

Brittany Murphy (accidental drug overdose)

Michael Jackson (accident drug overdose)

Laurence Kim Peek (the character from the movie rain man was baded on him heart attack)

Chris Henry (fell out of the bed of his fiances truck during a dispute)

Jett Travolta (john travolta's son Fatal blow to the head after seizure)

Charles Lewis Jr (Co-founder of MMA fighting clothesline label called TapouT died in car crash in newport)

Nick Adenhart (angels pitcher hit by drunk driver in car crash)

Marilyn Chambers (old school porn actress)

Ed McMahon (Various health irregularities)

Farrah Fawcett (anal cancer)

Billy Mays (heart disease)

Walter Cronkite (Cerebrovascular disease)

Baatin (from group Slum Village causes unknown)

John Hughes (director of 16 candles heart attack)

Les Paul (Inventor of the solid-body electric guitar Complications from pneumonia)

Ted Kennedy (senator died of brain cancer)

Dominick Dunne (American novelist and screenwriter died bladder cancer)

Patrick Swayze (Pancreatic cancer)

R.I.P. to all of them!

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