Thursday, November 26, 2009

No Answer

yesterday afternoon Allen "The Answer" Iverson announced his retirement to one time ESPN writer Stephen A. Smith. What should of been a great moment for the answer was just a sad one. smith said while Iverson was telling him about his retirement he broke down several times. To be honest it is sad Allen statistically is one of the greatest players to play the game, But what goes to show you statistics aren't everything, His career is somewhat of a disappointment he never won a NBA world championship. He Reached It once while playing for the Philadelphia 76ers in 2001 where he was defeated by the Los Angeles Lakers. When talking about greatest of all time, the first thing people say is how many rings do you have not how many points did you score a game. This to me was Allen's downfall he didnt evolve like Jordon or Kobe, they figured out you can win 10 scoring championships but that's not gonna get you a ring you have to get your other players involved you cant do everything by yourself. Jordon and Kobe Figured that out and evolved there game and thats what makes them great, they figured something out and tailored there game to winning a ring not scoring 32 points a night. Iverson on the other hand never wanted to do that. He always had an fuck everybody, I can do it myself attitude. which is not the best attitude to have in a team sports. This is why coaches and players don't like him and thats why he isn't on a team right now! No one wants a teammate who jacks up shots even when your wide open for the shot. but thats the kind of player he his the "im gonna get mine first" player which get you allot of points but doesn't stack up the championships. In the End the Answer couldn't find the right answer to the question every NBA player has. How do I win a NBA World Championship?

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