Monday, November 23, 2009

2 Pac VS. Biggie Smalls Whos The Greatest?

So allot of rap heads have this argument and i cant deny i always do to. who is the greatest rapper of all time 2 Pac or Biggie Smalls??? and im a west coast guy so of coarse i always say Pac! But to be honest Pacs flows cant even compare to biggies. biggie had more rhymes and flows then pac there is no denying that but when people say Pac was the greatest rapper they say it because the words he spoke about the things he stood for thats what made him great! word for word, rhyme for rhyme, flow for flow biggie was no joke and would beat pac in a rap battle. but the content of Pac's lyrics and his work ethic can never be matched that is why we still hear new Pac music every year because he lived in the studio. Thats why he is the greatest of all time!

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